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Two-Step Registration Form

After entering your basic information (name, age, email address, etc.), you'll have to answer a short questionnaire about your household and employment. You won't need more than 5 minutes to complete this two-step registration form and become a new member of iPoll .

In addition, don't forget to click on the link in the email they send you to fully activate your account.

You now have access to your dashboard, which displays the number of surveys you qualify for, along with the total amount of money they could be worth (good for motivation ). It also shows the total amount of rewards you've earned and the Profiles - short questionnaires used to define your consumer profile - you still need to complete.

As usual, the more Profiles you answer, the more likely you are to receive relevant surveys. Plus, you'll earn a small amount of money for each Profile you've done.

Surveys: check your member account!

No point system here: for each survey you receive, you can directly see the amount of money you can earn and the estimated time it will take to respond. Certain surveys also reward you with an Entry for the iPad Sweepstakes.

Although you may receive invitations for surveys directly in your email box, it is recommended that you regularly log on to your iPoll/Surveyhead account and check for new surveys.

Rewards: iPad Sweepstakes and cash

Until the end of June, people who answer qualifying surveys may obtain entries for the iPad Prize Draw. In July, a winner will be selected among all entries. The more entries received through answering surveys, the greater your chance to earn the Prize. Entries for the Draw are added to your account immediately after you answer qualifying surveys. The total number of entries you obtained is indicated in your "Rewards" page.

Most surveys, however, will reward you with a cash value that you'll later be able to convert into a voucher or a Paypal payment. It can take up to 4 weeks for your reward to be credited to your balance. In your "Rewards" page, you can see the list of surveys you completed and the status of your earnings, going from "Pending" to "Earned".

Once you have accumulated enough money, you can browse the Reward Catalog to choose your gift. You can have a magazine subscription for $15-20 or wait a little bit longer to obtain gift-cards from different retailers: CVS/Pharmacy, Domino's Pizza,, BestBuy, etc.

Once you reached $35, you can ask for a Paypal payment (be aware of the 1 dollar fee though ).

If you prefer, you can also choose to make a donation to many different charities, including "Doctors Without Borders", the "WWF", the "American Cancer Society" and many more.

logo iPoll

Surveyhead has become iPoll!

A few months ago, Surveyhead launched an mobile app named iPoll which received a warm welcome from the community. The ample positive feedback led to the decision to rebrand Surveyhead to iPoll.

For this occasion, the website design has been updated and people can now log in using their social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn). Current members of Surveyhead will of course keep their account and rewards.

The iPoll mobile app can be downloaded on iPhone or Android phone and you can earn more rewards by answering mobile surveys.

This offer has specific information for these countries:

The iPad Prize Draw is open to US resident who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.

The iPad Prize Draw is open to UK resident who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.

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