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Earn money and gifts by completing free online paid surveys

What is a "free online paid survey"?

An online paid survey is a survey (duh!) for which you earn money or gifts upon completion. In most cases, you will actually earn "Points" that you will later be able to convert into real money or gift cards. Paid surveys are sent by big, famous marketing companies. You can easily join these companies and receive paid surveys, it's TOTALLY FREE and you can try all the companies you want.

We've selected the best paid survey panels, try as many as you want:

Note: We are independent from the panels/companies we've selected for you and we don't send surveys ourselves. Also, we do not have access to the account you may create on the websites of these companies.

What are those surveys used for?

These paid surveys are sent by companies specialized in market research. You certainly already know some of them: Nielsen, Gfk, Ipsos, Kantar, Synovate, etc. are among the most famous ones. Those companies gather information from their consumer panel (people like us, who receive paid surveys) and sell this information to companies, media or even scientific research institutes.

How can I receive those surveys?

Paid surveys are sent by websites powered by market research companies. On, you can find a list of these websites - or online consumer panels - and follow links to register for them.

You can find below the list of online panels presented on Use the buttons to sort panels and find the best ones for you:

How do I know which online panels are the best for me?

Although all these online panels reward you to complete surveys, they are all different in the way that they actually reward you.

    Here are some key questions you can consider before registering:
  • Will you receive points or cash directly?
  • How many points do you need to accumulate before asking for a payment?
  • How will the payment be made?
  • Where can I use the gift cards I received as payment?

    Most importantly:
  • Is this online panel reliable? (Will they really pay me?)
  • Is the amount of points earned for a survey worth the amount of time spent to complete it? (Is it profitable?)

On, we present a list of reliable consumer panels and describe them in order to answer some of the questions you may ask regarding these websites. Because there are many online paid survey panels and because some are better than others, we wanted to give members of these panels the possibility to rate them and write reviews, so that others can know which ones are the best and which ones are to be avoided.

Where is the money coming from?

To understand why all these online panels are REALLY paying you, you need to understand where is the money coming from: market research companies make tons of money with the information you provide them with! Nowadays, every new product or service has been developed thanks to or tested through consumer panels owned by market research companies before being made available to the public. Companies are willing to pay a lot of money in order to create a product that will fit exactly what people want, with the idea that doing so will maximize sales.

According to the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR), market research companies generated $33.5 billion in revenue in 2012!

What should I know about online web surveys?

    There are several important things that you need to know before registering for online paid survey companies:
  • NEVER PAY for your registration or for anything else. That’s the #1 rule. Only scams will ask you for money. Also, you should not be asked to enter your credit card number or bank details. Online panels listed in are reliable and legitimate, not scams.
  • You CANNOT earn a salary by completing online paid surveys. We are honest and we cannot tell you that you will be able to live simply by completing paid surveys. Paid surveys are a great way to obtain pocket money for extras. You can even make a few hundred dollars a year if you are registered to a lot of panels and answer the most surveys possible. But you cannot live off only that. Don’t believe ads promising that you will earn $200 per hour completing paid surveys. That’s not how it works.
  • By completing surveys, you agree to tell a lot about you, ANONYMOUSLY. Yes, you sometimes will have to give a lot of details about your expenses, work, health, etc. That’s what makes surveys relevant and valuable. But privacy is the number one rule for market research companies. All information is collected and analyzed in an anonymous way.

What does a typical registration look like?

Typically, the first step of your registration for an online consumer panel requires that you enter basic information such as your name, birthdate, and email address. Then, you will have to complete a first 5 minute-survey with more specific questions about your household. You will also receive an email in order to confirm your email address.

What else to do after my registration?

In order to create your consumer profile and deduce which paid surveys are relevant to you, you’ll also need to answer other questionnaires - also called Profiles - divided into several categories such as Work, Hobbies, Health, Travel, etc. If you don’t have a car, what is the point of sending you a survey about your car insurance? That’s the kind of situation you want to avoid by completing your "Profiles".

How will I know if I have a survey to answer?

In almost all cases, you’ll receive invitations to complete a survey directly to your email box. You can also sign in to the panel website to check if there is a survey available for you.

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